Packing has started

I dug my luggage bag and hiking backpack from the storage today. I have already been making a list for some time, trying to make my packing easier and more comfortable.  The only problem I might face is that I reach limit concerning the cargo luggage weight. Luckily, Iceland Air allows a hand bag along with the cabin bag. So my plan is to fit everything which doesn’t fit into cargo luggage to my hand bag and cabin bag. My other half has been putting his best effort with fly tying, and I must say, he has been extremely productive during these few days. The flies we have thought to be most used in Iceland are Krokurin, Bleik og Blå, Pheasant Tail and nobblers in various colors. The color combinations in nobblers will be white/pink, white/orange, white/yellow, grey and olive green.

Lately we have been talking about weather in Iceland. It seems that the average temperatures in June are 7 and 11 C. June has the lowest rainfalls as well. As we are going to accommodate ourselves in a tent, it might get a bit chilly from time to time. That is why I have been buying vigorously warm clothes to put on: merino wool, windproof and waterproof outdoor clothes! Let’s just hope that the weather goes easy on us during our stay in Iceland.


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